If you were The Doctor?

Think about if you were the doctor wouldn’t that be amazing. But the reality is that its not as easy as you think. You are basically chasing monsters and risking your life every single second. What would you do if you were the doctor?


I am Back and so is the Doctor!

Sorry I haven’t made a post in such a long time so I had chosen to make a post on companions. I just saw the last season with Clara or known as the impossible girl. I think she is really amazing epically she is a nanny and a time traveler. I used to think that Rose Tyler was my favorite companion but really I don’t know anymore it is a very hard decision to make. After Amy and Rory got sucked into a weeping angel I was thinking that the doctor really is a very dangerous man so be careful if you happen to see a blue box floating around the sky!

A Christmas Doctor Who

Its time to go shopping for the greatest Doctor Who action figures and toys. This Christmas you can go shopping the Adipose stress toy or the Doctor Who tardis safe. If you log in to amazon you can get all of these things at a great price. I know that i told my parents about it so i would get these things for Christmas and i think you should too. Please comment below. Thank you. 

A New Doctor Who?

If there happened to be a new Doctor Who who would you pick? If I was choosing I would pick a dorky character to play his part. If you pick some one really famous and hansom you wouldn’t feel as connected in my opinion. Comment below and tell me what you think.